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So you want to subscribe to Showcase. That's great! Or maybe you just want to update your billing info. 

Either way, Admins can do this by logging in to the website, going to the 'Settings' tab, and clicking 'Subscription'. 

This provides your current plan details. If you are currently on a trial and want to subscribe, click the orange button that says 'Setup Credit Card' and you'll be taken to our secure payment gateway to input your credit card details.

If you're already paying by credit card and want to change which credit card you're paying with, click the blue 'Update credit card details' button.

When you first subscribe, you are sent an email inviting you to join the Billing Portal. It's also possible to change credit card details at the Billing Portal. 

If you're having trouble with anything billing-related, or would like to know more about our pricing model, email and we'll be happy to help out.