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Email Pitch

On the website at, there is a tab along the top called 'Email Pitch'.

Use Email Pitch to send a link to a full showcase that your prospect can view online - much like our View Showcase Online option that you can usually use from the Sharing menu. 

If you don't want to send a whole showcase, you can also use Email Pitch to send individual files - again, just like you do from the Showcase Workshop tablet app. 

However, with Email Pitch, you now don't have to be on your tablet at all - just log in to and go to the 'Email Pitch' tab.

First, you'll be prompted to put in the email(s) of the people you're sharing with:

And then you select the showcase. 

Whether you'll be able to share the whole showcase, certain files, or nothing at all depends entirely on the sharing settings that have been chosen by your Admin (if you, yourself are an Admin, check out how to change Sharing settings here). 

When you first choose a showcase, if View Showcase Online is allowed, then the "Full showcase access" option will be selected by default. If View Showcase Online is not allowed, but there are files that have been made shareable, these will also show in the list for you to select and send.

Once you've chosen the showcase and what content you want to share, you can add an optional message that you'd like the recipient to see. You can 'Preview' this message before you send it to check that it is looking like you intend.

After you've previewed the sharing email, hit Send to get it on its merry way.

Just like with normal sharing, links to the entire showcase presentation will last 30 days, but the links to the files will not expire.

And as with our normal sharing, you will get an email notification when the recipient opens the sharing page. You can change this in the app under the settings cog, or in the website by clicking on the workshop name top left, then your name, then the toggle under 'Features'.