Editors and Admins can add content to the sharing list from the file library, or upload new content straight into the list. Shareable features can be turned on/off at any time.

If files have been made available to be shared for a particular showcase, then any Viewer with access to that showcase can share them from the app or the Email Pitch tab on the website. 

To add shareable content:

  1. In the Home tab of the website, click the ‘Manage Sharing’ link associated with the showcase you wish to add shared content to.

    Or, click the 'Sharing' link while editing a showcase:

  2. There are two places to add content. When you're editing the showcase and on a certain slide, you can set content to be "Shareable from this slide", which allows the user to share that file only while they're viewing the current slide. Or, you can add files to "Shareable from all slides", which means the user can share those files no matter where they are inside the showcase. Click ‘Add File’ on the area you'd like to upload files into. 

    The other setting on this dialog is the "Allow full showcase to be shared" option. This is what it sounds like - ticking this will allow your users to send an online copy of the entire presentation to their sharing recipients. You can get more details from our article about the "Allow full showcase to be shared" option.

  3. Once you've clicked 'Add file', you can select content from your file library, or upload new content.

  4. Once confirmed, your content will appear listed on this page.

  5. To remove content from the list, click the 'x' next to that filename. There is also a little trash can icon that allows you to remove all files from the Shareable from All Slides area at once. 

  6. Make sure to publish your showcase to send the updated sharing list to your users!


Note: you can also control sharing at the point you add a file to a hotspot in the Editor. Once you've chosen your PDF, or video or whatever you want to be linked to a hotspot, you can click on the "inspector" for that file from the top toolbar, and click "Sharing for this file" to control whether that particular file gets shared or not. 


Clicking this button will show you the same 'Manage Sharing' dialog, with the added option of making this particular file you've added "Shareable from this slide" or "Shareable from all slides":