So you’ve just finished a killer presentation - good work! But your client just has one quick question - can we pop back to the start for a minute? Hmm. Okay, hold on. * tap tap tap tap tap *

Wait! Holster that tapping finger - there’s a better way.

If you’re on any slide OTHER than the first one, if you tap the hamburger menu in the bottom left, you will see a line of options that look like this. 

The left facing arrow (second from the left on the list) - is what we call the ‘back to start’ button. Or you might hear us call it 'back to top'.

Either way, tapping this sends you all the way back to the first slide in your showcase.

If you are on the first slide, the Back to Start icon will not be there... because you're already at the start - so don't worry about that!