Wondering how much Showcase costs once you subscribe? It's $20 per user, per month up to 50 users. Easy! That includes unlimited showcases, file uploads, free training over live video, and phone support from our awesome team. For more details (including plans for more users), check out the pricing page on our website.

How do I see what plan I'm on or set up my credit card from scratch?

1. Click the the 'Settings' cog wheel icon, and then click the Workshops button.

2. Click'Subscription Settings' under your workshop name. 

This provides your current plan details. If you are currently on a trial and want to subscribe, click the orange button that says 'Setup Credit Card', and you'll be taken to our secure payment gateway to input your credit card details. 

We prefer credit card for teams of 20 users or less.

If your team is over 20 users and you'd like a monthly invoice, you can apply for Manual Billing at the link next to the 'Setup Credit Card' button. Fill in the details and one of our friendly Money Nerds will get back to you with a confirmation.

If you're already paying by credit card and want to change which credit card you're paying with, click the blue 'Update credit card details' button.


How do I access my billing account/look at my past invoices? 

When you first subscribe, you are sent an email inviting you to join the Billing Portal. 

Each month when you receive your email receipts and invoices, at the bottom of every email is a link called "Account Management". Click this link to be taken to your billing portal. 

It's also possible to change credit card details and get copies of invoices at the Billing Portal. 

If you're having trouble with anything billing-related, or you'd like to know more about our pricing model, email info@showcaseworkshop.com and we'll be happy to help you out!