If you have a file being used in multiple showcases and you want to replace it in all of them, check out our "Replace All Usages" article instead.


To replace files in a showcase:

1. Choose the showcase you'd like to update and then click the ‘More’ dropdown.

2. Select ‘Replace Files’ from the list.


3. The Replace file dialog will show you all files that are linked in your showcase, including if they have been marked for sharing. The list is alphabetical. Click ‘Replace’ for the file you wish to replace, & select replacement content from your file library - or upload new content.

You can also use the Search box in the top of the dialog to quickly find the right file. 

4. Click OK to confirm. Once confirmed, your content will be replaced and the editor will re-load.

Once you've replaced the files you want to replace, you will need to publish the showcase in order for the changes to take effect. 


Replace a file in a hotspot directly: 


We just explained how to replace files from a more broad overview point of view. 

If you want to replace a file that is loaded into a hotspot from the slide it's located on (aka as you're working in the editor maybe) then follow these steps. 

1. Click the hotspot which has the file you'd like to replace. 

2. In the top Hotspot menu above the slide screen, click on the Hotspot Link button which shows you what is stored in that hotspot. In this example, you can see that a submenu is stored in this hotspot: 

3. Click the down arrow and you'll see your options. To swap out/replace content that is the same type i.e replace a document with another, or a video with another video - click the 'Replace' button.

To completely remove the content, click the small minus button icon will allow you to "Remove" that content, in order to add a new type of content. (If the content you're replacing is the same type, e.g. a video with another video, you can use the "Replace" button instead.)