In Showcase, we have three ways to share content: 

- Share full showcase: this gives you the ability to send your entire showcase to a recipient that does not have the Showcase Workshop app, and does not need their own account. This sends a read only version of your showcase, not editable. 

- Shareable from all slides: Content that is Shareable from all slides is content that can shared within the app from any slide or location inside your showcase. 

And Shareable from this slide. This is what we're talking about in more depth here!


What does it mean? 

Shareable from this slide means those files added to this area will be available for sharing when the user is on a specific slide and that slide only. 

This is great if you have a lot of content because it enables you to stream line your sharing content and you don't need to have a long list of files that your users need to hunt through to find the correct one they need. 


To add files to be Shareable from a specific slide: 


1.  Navigate in the editor to the slide you'd like the content to be shared from. 

2. If your content is already on the slide, say loaded into a hotspot: Simply click the content loaded into the hotspot to pull up the hotspot file options: 


3. Click 'Sharing for this file'. Here you can choose what sharing options you'd like: 


If your file is not in your showcase, but you'd like to add it as a Shareable file: 


1. Navigate in the editor to the slide you'd like the content to be shared from. 

2. Click the 'Sharing' button in the top menu, below your showcase title. 

3. This will pull up your sharing options split into Shareable from this slide and Shareable from all slides. The top section is your 'from this slide' area. 



All you need to do is click "Add File" and this will take you to the file uploader screen where you can choose your file. 


Publish your changes, and you're good to go.