The Sharing feature allows you to create a list of shareable content associated with your showcase, so you can share and send your amazing content on the spot!

You can add content from your file library, or upload new content to the list at any time.

For help on how to share content from within the app, see this support article.

 To add some shareable content into your showcases, we can use two features: Shareable from this slide and Shareable from all slides

To add shareable content:

  1.  Open the showcase you'd like to edit shareable content for. Use the 'Sharing' button inside the editor to configure sharing for individual slides.

    Or also, on the Home tab of the website, click the ‘Manage Sharing’ link associated with the showcase you wish to add shared content to.

  2. This will pull up your Manage Sharing list. There are two sections shareable from this slide, and Shareable from all slides.

    Shareable from this slide - means those files will be available for sharing when the user is on that slide and that slide only. 

    Shareable from all slides - means any files in this area will always be available for sharing from this list, no matter where in the showcase the user is. 

    To add content to either list - click Add File.

  3. Select content from your file library, or upload new content.

  4. Once confirmed, your content will appear listed on this list!

  5. Publish your showcase to send the update to your users. Remember if you don't click 'Publish', they won't get this updated version of your showcase!

    When your users open the sharing window within the app, if you have loaded content - it will look like this: 

To remove shareable content:

Click the Manage Sharing list. To remove a file, just click the small 'x' on the file name, and bam! It's gone.

Removing files from the shared content list will not remove them from your file library, so you can add them again in future if you like!