Setting a slide background | Showcase Workshop

Setting a slide background

Having pre-designed backgrounds with areas for Hotspots on your slides is what we ideally recommend - but you absolutely don't need to! You can set any background you like, or stick with a blank background.  

If you'd like to start from scratch on your own - when creating a new showcase, select "New Showcase from template" and there you will be able to use one of our handy templates to begin.   

Heres how you set your own backgrounds: 

  1. On the Home tab, click ‘Edit’ under the showcase you wish to set a new background for. 
  2. Select ‘Set background’ from the sidebar.
  3. Choose an image file from the file library.

To remove the slide background, click the ‘Remove background’ button. You can then set a different background if desired by following steps 2 & 3 above.

You will need to publish this change in order for it to take effect.