We like to think this help center has all the answers, but sometimes you want to get a more in-depth look at things with a real person and not a screen. We understand. 

If that's the case for you, head over to our website to take full advantage of all the awesome tutorials we offer — completely free of charge!  

We also offer free half-hour demos and chats where we show you all the fun bits of Showcase and discuss how it could benefit your business before you sign up. Times for these sessions are limited but if you can't find a time to suit you please email us at helpdesk@showcaseworkshop.com and we'll see if we can arrange something special for you. We're good like that.

Showcase Workshop Demonstration

In this session, we'll show you the main Showcase Workshop functions and how these will help your team engage your audience, close more deals, and present professionally every time.

Book your space today!

Sales Presentation Management Discussion

Let's chat about sales presentations, sales content management, and how you organize sales materials for your sales force.

Whether you sell face to face, virtually by video call, or a mix of both Showcase can help your presentations look more professional and be more successful.

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Power Half Hour

We created the Power Half Hour for existing customers who are looking to level-up their Showcase skill set and want to dig in to something specific with a member of our team.

Perhaps you spotted new features on our blog or newsletter and would like to talk about them in relation to your business or set up
You've got a gnarly implementation question and you want to pick our brains on the best way to do it in Showcase
Or maybe you want to brainstorm with our experts on a wireframe or design update

Whatever the reason, the Power Half Hour will be tailored for your unique requirements.