We can do so many awesome things with forms (HTML5) - data capture, quoting calculators, quizzes and tests (great for trade shows and staff training) and we've also done forms for incident reporting and uniform ordering!

What our forms can do largely depends on what your needs are (and we'd love to discuss them with you!), but here are a few examples for you!  

Simple pop up forms:

Our simple pop up forms are the essential 'basic' forms for data entry. Like this example here, you can add up to around 6-7 simple text fields (any more than that and it get's a bit difficult). If you have basic HTML skills yourself or in-house you could give this one a go on your own! The documentation is here.  

If you'd like some help from us - drop us a line at help@showcaseworkshop.com or check out the blog post on simple forms here


Branded forms: 

Branded forms are pretty similar to simple pop-ups, but with the added benefits of being branded exactly as you like, and the ability to have drop downs and checklists, and the like. Excellent! You can also add in links - like this example of a link to the Terms & Conditions. This is a form option that we'd code in for you - so give us a bell. 



Calculators are a super fun addition to a showcase! They can be filled with multi-currency options, and get pretty complex, so have a chat to us if you're interested in utilising this feature. They can be interactive, and don't even have to look like a calculator - that's just our way of describing what's going on in the background. 

 This example has simple boxes to fill in and change as needed.