There is no built-in, specific projection option within the Showcase app, but there are still many ways you can share or cast your screen somewhere while Showcase is running. It depends a lot on what kind of device you are using, and what other resources you have at your disposal.

For comprehensive How-Tos for each available projection option, read our in depth blog on the topic.

Can I cast from Chromecast? 

Totally! You can download the Google Cast app onto your Android device & cast the whole screen, which will include Showcase if you open it. The fuller Chromecast help article on this is here.

Slightly different - If you want to cast from a laptop, your showcases are visible at, so you could use the Google Cast Chrome extension on that website.

Do bear in mind however that our calculators and .html.zips don't work on the website - they need to be viewed on a tablet to actually function with the calculations etc.

Happy casting!