Showcase Workshop integrates nicely with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Salesforce.

Deployments of Salesforce differ between organizations based on Salesforce products in use, which customizations have been applied to them, and how folks have implemented it within the rest of the business — so we can't guarantee each option listed below will be available to you.

Shared Content to Lead

When you share content with a lead or prospect from the Showcase Workshop app, we can set the system up to register that email address as a lead in Salesforce Sales Cloud, with a note about the content that was shared with them.

If the email address already exists in Salesforce, we can add a note of the files that were shared, including the date and time.

Kick-off Salesforce Engage sequences

Use the Showcase Shared Content feature to kick off "marketing actions" or sequences in your Salesforce Sales Cloud.

For example, if a company representative shares a product presentation or product spec sheet, this could kick off the marketing sequence related to that product.

Add Showcase slide and files views to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is a separate service, but it's possible to pull Showcase slide views and file views through as another marketing metric that appears on the dashboard.

Web to Lead

This is a standard feature available to the majority of Salesforce users. This integration exists with Showcase and is available to all users at no cost.

The ultimate appearance and functionality are similar to a standard data capture form on a website.

Salesforce IQ

This feature seems to be optimized for Google Apps/Email users.

This feature allows users to log emails, tag them, and add notes for follow up. It would make it easy for users to log the Showcase sharing email notification into Salesforce IQ, and tag it with a note or follow up.

Further reading

We’re not Salesforce experts (sorry!), but we do try to keep a general overview of this popular software.

New integrations may become available over time that we are not yet aware of. Salesforce provides an integrations page on their website for a big-picture view of how their integrations work.


Note: Reach out to your Salesforce representative to find out how to integrate your Salesforce apps with Showcase Workshop.