If you have a large showcase that you are presenting often, you might find yourself wanting an easier way of moving between slides. Time is precious!

Two handy features that help with this are Search & Favorites. 


You can find this in the ‘Tools’ tray at the bottom left of your screen.

The icon is the little magnifying glass.

When we tap on that, we’re presented with a view of all of the slides and menu screens available in this particular Showcase. 

This in itself is a great way to navigate to a slide deep within your showcase, but it gets even better!

You can also use the search bar up the top there to find which slides link to files with your search term.

This is the ‘Showcase about Showcase’. Let’s say you're talking to a customer or prospect who wants more information on setting up their first showcase presentation.

You might want to give them the user guides as a starter so you'd start typing “user”…

Any slides or menu with the word ‘User’ in the file name will show up now. You'll also see any slides which link to files with ‘User’ in the file name.




As you're browsing around a showcase, you can favorite a slide at any time. You do this by tapping the hamburger menu bottom left, and then tapping the 'heart' icon. Unfavorite just as easily by tapping it again. Boom! 

When you need to access your favorites again, go to Search as above and use the switcher top right - switch from 'All' to 'Favorites'.

Once your favorites are set up they’ll last as long as you are logged in, so you don’t have to re-favorite slides every time - and they work across all of your devices.