If you and your team are creating lots of individual presentations, the time will come when someone (most likely you, dear reader) is tasked with tidying up the 'Home' screen.

You can delete old presentations, if you're sure you'll never need them again. But if you'd like to retain some of them for future use — perhaps you intend to pitch the same company again or re-list a property — you may prefer to use our 'Archive' feature.

Archiving a presentation will hide it from the default view of the home screen. Users can't access them — but they're not gone forever, as with a delete. You can 'Archive' a presentation by clicking this option in the 'More' dropdown.

You can retrieve archived presentations from the filter at the top right of the 'Home' screen:

If you'd like to unarchive a presentation, click 'More' and select 'Unarchive' to move your presentation back to the Home screen. Unarchived presentations will revert to an "Unpublished" state, so you have a chance to update them if needed before making them fully available to your user base once more.