New in September 2021: Workshop Templates.

When you're getting started with Showcase, you'll likely have one presentation covering everything a prospect might need to know about your business. This is a good place to start.

Over time however, you might find you need to customise individual presentations for more specific purposes.

Examples include:

  • A pitch or RFP designed for a particular customer
  • Promotions that are limited time or limited to specific region
  • New product or unique listing presentations

In these fast-paced scenarios, Admin users may be willing to give Editors access to create these one-off kinds of presentations, without sacrificing established brand aesthetics or core messaging.

For this, we give you:

Workshop Templates

Take any existing Showcase presentation and 'Set as a template'.

Find the toggle for this under 'Settings' for the existing presentation.


Along with this we have also introduced a 'New Presentation' screen where you choose how you start a new presentation.

At the top of the list will be any templates you've set up. Clicking one of these will make a brand new presentation that's based on your set template.

Some things to note:

  • Setting a presentation as a template hides it from the 'Home' screen, so make sure you don't need a presentation for something else before you switch the 'Set as Template' toggle.
  • Templates are not visible to Viewer users.

If you want to edit your template in the future we've introduced a new filter for the 'Home' screen, up the top right near search: