Now we all know that you can put a whole bunch of different kind of things into hotspots - but did you know you can upload images into them too? 

In each hotspot you create, you have the option to add an image to the hotspot area - you can do so by clicking the photo icon in the right hand side of the menu bar.

The image can be zoomed, moved left to right, removed, and replaced all from the Hotspot Image box as appears in the this screenshot example.

To add an image into a hotspot: 

1. Create a new hotspot, or select an exisiting hotspot that you'd like an image inside. 

2. In the menu bar, on the far right click the icon of an picture frame. 

3. Select 'choose image' in the drop down box. After selecting and uploading an image, you are then able to play around with the alignment and zoom with the options in the drop down box.