If you want your hotspots to look a bit different, you can style the look of the hotspots on your showcase by adding an image or text into the hotspot. If you're an Admin, you can set the default style for all new hotspots using the Hotspot Settings. This is accessible under the "Settings cog", top right of the Home tab.

You can also add pin protect to hotspots to restrict access to the content behind it.  

To do any of these, click to highlight the hotspot you wish to edit the style for, and the options will appear in the menu above your showcase.

From left to right, these options are as follows: 

  • Delete hotspot 
  • Copy hotspot 
  • Add Content (if the hotspot already has content, you'll see that in this spot instead) 
  • Pin protect 
  • Font 
  • Font size 
  • Alignment 
  • Text colour 
  • Text highlight 
  • Hotspot image