Follow these steps to add a particular font — such as a specific brand font — to your presentation.

  1. Open the File Library by clicking 'Files' in the top menu.

  2. In the File Library, find and open the 'Fonts' folder. We add this folder to all workshops for this very purpose.

    Important note: Make sure you keep the 'Fonts' folder where it is! If you move it to a sub-folder, this process won't work.

  3. In the 'Fonts' folder, upload a .ttf file of the font you wish to use. It has to be a TTF — other formats, like .otf, won't work. 

  4. Once you've uploaded this file, you should be able to select the font in the Editor when formatting your hotspots

    You can also set the custom font as a default font to be used for all new hotspots you create. Update your default styles in Hotspot Settings.