Sick of changing the colors and font manually every time you create a hotspot?

Never fear! Showcase is here with a handy shortcut to save you time and energy.

With Hotspot Settings, Admin users can set the default colors and text styles that are applied to all hotspots created in your Workshop. Make sure your presentations are consistent with the rest of your company messaging by setting your brand fonts, colors, and style rules. This is a great way to lend credibility to your brand and make sure it's instantly recognizable to your audience.

To access the Hotspot Settings:

  1. From your Workshop Home page, click the ‘Settings’ cog icon in the top right corner.

  2. This will open the Account Settings dialog box which should default to the 'Workshops' tab. Select 'Branding Settings' from under your workshop name.

  3. Here you can change the default colors, text alignment, and font to anything your heart desires. 

  4. Make sure you hit 'Save' to keep any changes you make. Now, whenever someone creates a new hotspot the system will automatically apply these settings first.

Note: Any changes you make will only affect settings for new presentations, not existing ones.