When you use the Share function - the sharing email will always come from shared-content@showcaseworkshop.com, and this can't be changed, sorry! However, the original Showcase user who shared the content is copied in the sharing email, and is also set as the reply-to address, so any questions that the customer has about the shared content will go back to the Showcase user who shared it. 

To 'brand' the email and make it more personalised, here's what you do: 

1. Click the Settings wheel icon on the top right of your Home workshop screen. 

2. Under your workshop settings; click Email Settings


'Email Settings' is the first option in the menu, and here you can copy and paste your standard email disclaimer, and upload a header image to the specified dimensions. Adding a header image of your company logo or details is a great way to ensure your shared content recipient knows exactly who the emails are coming from!