Do you have a heap of groups set up that have a tendency to overlap between showcases? There's an easier way to email your users when you know they are in a particular showcase - and it's faster than painstakingly typing out a million email addresses.

The Email Users function is really helpful for many reasons. You could use it to remind staff that use a particular showcase about the upcoming changes to their information, major changes to the showcase that need to be updated on their devices, or just as a standard email group tool. 

Admins and Editors have this handy function, and it's located in the web app. 

Here's how you do it: 

1. Head to and log in to see your showcases. 

2. Choose the showcase whose users you'd like to email. 

3. Under the 'More' dropdown, select Email Users

4. In the email users screen, at the top you'll see a box that tells you exactly how many people you'll be emailing. 

5. Add whatever message you'd like in the 'message' box. This is great if you'd like to point out specific changes you've made to that showcase! (Your users will still get the push notification that there are updates to the showcase to be downloaded). 

6. Preview your message in the box below.


7. Send your email away into cyber space! 

Note: The email appears in their inbox as "Here's a message about *your showcase name*