No, that's not the start of some weird joke. These are the four types of user roles in Showcase Workshop:

  • Admins (all-powerful users; can do anything except get a free puppy from Showcase)
  • Editors (can edit presentations and access the File Library)*
  • Managers (can manage Editor, Manager, and Viewer users but not presentations or Admin users)
  • Viewers (this is the default user type when you add a user to your workshop)

Here's a run-down of what each user can and cannot do:

  Admin Manager Editor Viewer
Create, edit, and delete presentations X   X  
Publish and unpublish presentations X   X  
Access the File Library X   X  
Restrict presentation access to certain Groups or users X   X  
Download presentations to your device X X X X
Share content X X X X
Edit shareable content X   X  
Create custom slideshows using existing slides (tags) X X X X
View your own Sharing History X X X X
View Sharing History of other users X X X  
View and download analytics for all users in the workshop X X X  
Edit your own name, email address, and password X X X X
Edit any Manager, Editor, or Viewer users' details X X    
Edit an Admin user's details X      
Reset a Manager, Editor, or Viewer user's password X X    
Reset an Admin user's password X      
Add or remove Manager, Editor, and Viewer users X X    
Add or remove Admin users X      
Add User Workshop References X      
Change a user's role to Manager, Editor, or Viewer (unless the user is an Admin) X X    
Change a user's role to Admin X      
Change an Admin user's role X      
Create and assign Groups X X    


*Note: Admin users can restrict which Editors can access and edit specific presentations.