A hotspot is essentially a link. It's a tappable or clickable area somewhere on your slide.

Hotspots are what users click to get to another part of your showcase — whether that be a file, a video, or another slide. So whenever you see "Create a new Hotspot", think "Create a new portal to something else". Preferably not another dimension, though.

Hotspots are the basis for all navigation in your showcases. Hotspots allow you to add new layers, link to content, and provide access to your files.

To create a hotspot: 

  1. Open your showcase and click 'Add Hotspot'.

    You can choose to add content at this point or leave the hotspot blank.

  2. This will create a transparent box on your slide which you can move and resize as you like. Take a look at the screenshot below. See the lightly dotted lines squares around the menu items (and one transparent one beside the title)? Those are the hotspots. The lines only visible from the Editor and will completely disappear when someone views the showcase.

  3. Once you've created a hotspot, you can add content and edit it to your heart's content!