A hotspot is essentially a link. It's a tappable or clickable area somewhere on your slide. Hotspots are what we use to get to another part of your showcase - whether that be a file, a video, or another slide. So whenever you see "Create a new Hotspot", think "Create a new portal to something else"

Hotspots are the basis for all navigation in your showcases. Hotspots allow you to add new layers, link to content, and provide access to your files.

To create a new hotspot: 

1. Click the "Add Hotspot" button from the menu above your showcase. (The button on the far right) 


You can optionally choose a type of content to add at this point as well; or choose to leave it blank.

This will create a 'box' on your showcase which you are able to move around, and resize as you like. In this screenshot example, you can see that over each area of text is a lightly dotted box - these are hotspots. 

Once you've created a hotspot, you can add content to that hotspot, and that content will show up when a user taps on the hotspot in the app.