We've tried to keep our Knowledge Base full of concise directions that get to the point without drowning you in technical jargon or detail. But, sometimes our internal language can get confusing. That's why we've made this handy Glossary that sums up a few of our frequently used terms, in case you're confused. 

  • Showcase Workshop website (aka the web app): This is where the magic happens — where Admins and Editors build presentations for Viewers to use.
  • Showcase Workshop appThe iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac app that you download from your app store. This is where users view and share your presentation(s).
  • Showcase presentation(s): Previously referred to as 'a showcase'. This is the individual presentation, digital brochure, or training manual that your company has created. A Showcase presentation contains slides with hotspots and custom content.
  • Workshop: This is where your presentations live. When you log in to the Showcase Workshop website, it's the first page you'll see. Generally speaking, each company will have their own Workshop, although larger companies may have more than one. You can be a member of more than one workshop.
  • Hotspot(s): This is the tappable area on a presentation slide that links to a submenu, image gallery, video, document, or URL. You can't load files into your presentation without linking them into a hotspot.
  • The editor: Often we'll talk about doing something 'in the editor'. This is a reference to the view that you see when you've clicked "Edit" on a presentation from the Home tab of the Showcase website. Only Admin and Editor users can see "the editor".