We've tried to keep our Knowledge Base full of concise directions that get to the point without drowning you in technical jargon or detail. But... we've also made this handy Glossary that sums up a few of our frequently used terms, just in case. 


Showcase Workshop website: 

https://app.showcaseworkshop.com/  - where Admins and Editors build showcases, and Viewers view them. 

Where the good stuff happens.


Showcase Workshop app: 

The iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac aoo used to view your showcase(s). 



Created on the website and viewable on both the website and the app, a showcase could be a presentation, a digital brouchure, a training manual, or a combination of these. A showcase contains slides with hotspots. 



A workshop is where your showcases live - it's what you open when you log in to app.showcaseworkshop.com 

The name of your workshop is in the top right hand corner of your screen. If you are part of multiple workshops, the dropdown arrow in the right hand corner is where you switch between them. 



The tappable area that links to a submenu, image gallery, video, document, or URL, created on the website. It's essentially a "portal to all the things" - tapping a hotspot always leads somewhere. 

You cannot load files into your showcase without loading them into a hotspot. 


Manage Sharing:

The list of content that appears when you tap the sharing arrow in the top right corner in the Showcase app.