If you have access to multiple workshops - for example, you work with two businesses that have workshops and you are a user in both - you are able to switch between the workshops in both the app and the web browser. 

Switch workshops in the app: 


1. Log in to the app. 

2. Tap the Settings wheel icon in the bottom left of your app. 

3. Under your log in details, you'll see a tab labelled Workshop - and it will have the current workshop name next to this. 

Tap this and it will display a list of your available workshops. 

4. Tap the workshop you'd like to switch to. 

5. Tap the Close button and your new workshop will load on your home screen! 


Switch workshops on the web browser: 


1. Log in at app.showcaseworkshop.com 

2. Click the Settings wheel icon in the right hand side of the home screen. 

3. Select the workshop you want to swap to from the list available under Workshops.