If you're a total power user with multiple workshops, you may need to use the same presentation in multiple workshops — either as a template or an exact copy of the original.

And we've got a way to do it!

Here's how it works:

    1. Open your workshop and find the relevant presentation.

    2. Click 'More' next to the presentation and select 'Export' from the dropdown menu.

    3. You'll see the following pop-up box. Click the orange 'Export' button to download a .showcase file to your computer.

    4. Now you need to import the presentation into your other workshop. To do this, hit the Settings wheel icon at the top right of your screen. 

    5. You'll see a list of the workshops you have access to. Find the one you want to import the original presentation to and click 'Home' under the workshop name.

    6. You've probably already guessed that this will whizz you over to the Home page of your second workshop. From there, click ‘New Presentation’.

    7. On the New Presentation page, scroll to the Import section at the bottom and select the .showcase file type to get the ball rolling.

    8. This will bring up your computer's file picker. Find the file you exported a few moments ago and double-click it to start the import.

      Note: The import may take a wee while so go grab a cup of tea or coffee while you wait.

    9. And that's it! Once the import has finished, you'll have a completely independent, unpublished copy of the presentation to edit in your new workshop.