Often there can be large companies that have completely different divisions - say West Coast and East Coast. Their content is mostly completely different, and they have separate workshops to keep things simple. 

But sometimes there is a need for a showcase or two to be in both workshops, and it needs to stay up to date in both. 

So do you create the same showcase, twice? Nah - there's an easier way to have identical content in two workshops and have them both update, when one showcase has changes made. 

They're called Partner Workshops. 

You can set up all your showcase, or individual ones to be included into a partner workshop. *Only Admins have this ability. 

If you add a partner workshop, that other separate workshop will get a identical copy of whatever showcases you've chosen to share, in their own workshop. 

To add a partner workshop, you need to add their 'Workshop key'. 

To add a partner workshop: 

1. Click the Settings cog wheel icon in the top right - beside your workshop name.

2. Then select 'Workshop'. This will bring up a screen with your current workshop, and any other workshops you are a part of in list form. 

3. Select "Workshop Settings" from the list below your workshop name. This will take you to the following screen: 

If you scroll down on the Workshop settings page, you will see a section called Partner Workshops. You'll see Your Workshop Key, and a place for Exisiting Partners. 

3. To add another workshop to be your partner workshop, you will need to ask the other workshop to send you their Workshop Key. They would go to this same area in their workshop, and copy the key under "Your Partner Workshop Key". Once you have that key, paste it into the Exisiting Partner box. 

Once you add a partner, the screen will look like this: 

With the other workshop details below. 

Once you have a partner workshop set up - they see no content by default. You need to give them access to the showcases you'd like to share. 

To give a partner workshop access to a showcase: 

1. Click Access/ Manage Access on the showcase you'd like to share. 

2. In the options, you'll see a partner workshop access area. 

To give them access, click the checkbox beside the workshop name. 

3. You now have the option to choose whether their copy of the showcase will receive updates when you publish changes to your own, or manually - when you decide to send them the updates. 


Important to note - partner workshops do not give the partner the files in their file library, nor does it give them access to edit the showcase. You are still completely in control! 


To remove a partner workshop: 

1. Click the Settings cog icon, then click Workshop, then Workshop Settings again.  

2. Scroll down to Partner Workshops area, and beside the partner workshop name - click 'remove' 

3. Confirm the delete. 


For more info on partner workshops, feel free to get in touch with us at helpdesk@showcaseworkshop.com