Sometimes you might be working on multiple workshops - perhaps different regions are separated by workshop or even just different departments. If you have a whole bunch of users you want to be in both workshops, but don't want to take the time to manually enter all those users all over again.. boy do I have a solution for you! 

It's a multi-step process, but still probably quicker than doing it manually.

Here's how you do it: 

1. Go to the Users tab in the workshop where your original group is.

2. Download a CSV (left button beside your sorting options and search)

3. Delete anyone not in those groups from the CSV;

4. Do a find and replace in Excel, replace the semicolon in the groups' column with a pipe character ("|")

5. Strip out the "Name" and "Status" column; keep "Role" & then make it so you have "Name", 3 empty columns, "Role" & "Groups".

6. Save as CSV

7. Switch to the new workshop > Users tab > Add Users, and then click the "import a CSV file" link bottom left.

8. Upload the file you just saved and it should populate a whole list for you.

9. You can then double check the details and group assignments.

If you want these people to get an email informing them they've been added to the new workshop, leave "Send invite link" ticked. If you'd rather they didn't get an email, untick it.

They will already have usernames and passwords, so they'll then all be added without being notified (which means it'll be up to you to let them know they've been added and how to switch workshops; if you leave "Send invite link" on, we send them a little note about it to save you that job!).