The flipside of our helpful Email Pitch feature is the Sharing History feature.

This gives you a centralised summary of which of your leads have been accessing the content you send to them, and when.

Head to the Sharing History page by logging in to and going to Reporting > Sharing history. 

For Viewer Users, this is the default tab under Reporting. 


You'll see a list of contacts on the left hand side. If you're a Viewer user, anyone you have shared to in the past will appear here. If you're an Admin, you'll see sharing activity across the whole workshop.


If the list is pretty long and you're looking for a particular person, you can use the filter at the top to narrow it down.

Click on one of these to see a more detailed view of which files were sent to them, whether they read the email and whether they downloaded any of the files. 

If you can't remember the exact details of the files you sent, click the wee 'i' icon to get a summary.

If you've sent that person an email pitch, or shared the 'View Showcase Online' option from the app, then you have the option of viewing the "timeline" of that person's viewing. You can see how long they viewed the showcase overall, and how long they spent on each slide and file. 

In this example, Big Bird spent about 3.5 minutes looking at the showcase overall, and almost a minute on this one Insurance products brochure. This is an awesome way to see if your whole showcase is being read, or if most people skip the same parts. 

If you want a record of all these events, there is also the option to download a CSV of this data, at the top of the contacts list next to the filter box.