In your workshop settings, you have the option to add files to the "Shareable on this slide" portion of your Shareable content list automatically — without having to tick a box each time.

To turn this feature on: 

  1. Open the Showcase Workshop web app and click the 'Settings' wheel icon on the right side of your home screen.

  2. This will open the Account Settings dialog. Under your workshop name, click 'Workshop Settings'. 

  3. Under 'Access', toggle the "Document and video files added to any hotspot" setting to ON.

Important notes

  • If you turn this feature on, any file you upload to any hotspot will be shareable from that slide by default. In order to subsequently remove a file from the list, you will have to do so manually; toggling this setting back off will not automatically remove files from the sharing list.
  • This setting is workshop wide — not specific to an individual presentation.