If you no longer need or use a Group, you can easily delete them. 

First important noteGroups must be empty (free of users) to be deleted. See this article to learn how to remove users from a group.

Second important note: Deleting groups cannot be undone! If you want to reinstate a deleted group, you'll have to recreate it from scratch and re-add the users. 

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way — here's how to delete a group:


  1. Log in to the Showcase web app and click the Users tab at the top of the screen.

  2. This will open the User Directory. Select the 'Groups' tab to view and edit your Groups.

  3. Find the Group you want to delete and click the trashcan icon next to it.

    You can also delete a Group from the Group Details page. To do this, click the name of the group and select the trashcan icon in the top right of the Group Details page.

  4. Poof! The group is gone forever.