Having trouble finding a file? Maybe you've forgotten what it's called or which folder you put it in, and it seems to have vanished into the depths of your File Library.

There are actually a few different ways you can view and sort your files that may help you find it again when Search isn't cutting it. 


You can: 

  • Filter by file type: Click the asterisk icon to show only files of a certain type. You can filter by images, videos, cinemagraphs, or documents.
  • Sort files and folders: You can sort your files and folders alphabetically or by most recent. To do this, click the 'Sort order' icon (the one with a downward-facing arrow and the letters 'AZ') and select 'A-Z' or 'Most recent'.

    Note: If your files are already sorted by most recent, the icon will display as a clock.

  • Sort files only: If you only want to sort your files (not your folders), click the 'Sort order' icon and select 'Files first, A-Z' or 'Files first, most recent').
  • View as grid or list: this can help if you want to see bigger thumbnails of your images. You can toggle "Grid" or "List" view by clicking the last icon before the checkbox.

If you want to do a major spring clean of your File Library, check out our blog post packed with tips and tricks for managing your File Library and creating calm inside the chaos.