The first is by pasting in a list of emails.

The second is by uploading a CSV. This second method allows you to specify groups for the added users, so that you can add users directly to a group when you add them to a workshop.


To add multiple users by pasting emails:

  1. On the ‘Users’ tab, click ‘Add user’ at the top left of the page.

  2. Click the ‘Paste emails’ link, under the user details field. 

  3. In the larger field that appears, paste a list of email addresses, separated by a hard return (enter key). 

    If separated by commas or spaces, the system will treat the 4 entries following the email address as a first name, last name, password & password confirmation respectively. 

  4. Once you have pasted your list, click ‘Load’ and the emails will be loaded into individual fields so that you may choose roles & choose whether to email instructions.

  5. Once done, click ‘Add user(s)’ to complete the process.


To add multiple users via CSV:

  1. On the ‘Users’ tab, click ‘Add users’ at the top right of the page.

  2. Click the "import a CSV file" link, next to the "paste emails" link.

  3. Grab the sample CSV to see how best to set up your user's details. Note that if you need to specify groups, you can put a user in multiple groups and separate the group names using a 'pipe' character: 

  4. Once you have the CSV set up correctly & saved on your computer, pick "Choose file" to find the CSV file on your computer.

  5. Click "Load" to load the CSV.

  6. You still have a chance to check over the user details before confirming the add by clicking the "Add users" button. The system will run through and process these one at a time, and should take 1-2 seconds for each. They will be confirmed in a list below the "Add users" button.