There's a nifty feature called Kiosk Mode, which allows you to alter the display options when presenting a showcase. 

Kiosk mode disables the "Home" button in the top left corner, so the user can only view that particular showcase - this is perfect for displays at events such as Trade Shows, as you can set up your device in a public facing set up without worrying about someone accidentally seeing all your secret information. 

You can read a blog post about Kiosk Mode here.

How to enable Kiosk Mode: 

1. When viewing your showcases in the app, tap the Settings cog wheel in the bottom left corner. 

2. Where it says 'Kiosk Mode', tap to enable it. 

3. Then, open the showcase you want - you will see that the Home button is gone. You can still use the showcase in the same way as usual, but to leave Kiosk Mode, you need to close and reopen the app. It's as simple as pushing the home button on your device and opening the app again! 

 Here you can see an example of a showcase with the home button missing. Tada! 

Note: If you are leaving the device on a display and you want to avoid having the home button accidentally pushed and the app exited, we recommend setting up your device in a device stand that covers the home button. This gives you a sense of security that you know the app won't accidentally be exited!