Hotspots can link to a number of content types - whether it be files, slideshows, links or submenus.

A submenu is a new sub level slide.

Instead of linking a hotspot directly to an image or a slideshow, we use sub menus to create another new slide. 

Here's how you create a submenu: 

1. After creating a hotspot, select Add Content from the top menu above your showcase. 

2. Select 'New Blank Slide' if you want to start fresh, or select "New Image Slide" if you already have a slide background image ready to go. 

3. This will create a new slide . You can click the thumbnail in the content box, or click the new slide in the "Slides" sidebar on the lefthand side. (If you can't see the slides sidebar, make sure you've ticked the "Slides" checkbox on at the top of the left hand side!) 

4. On the new slide, you are free to add image backgrounds or hotspots with anything you like.


Removing a submenu:

To remove a submenu, simply select the hotspot that links to the submenu. Click the submenu tab. 

Beside the thumbnail you will see 'remove'. Click it, and the submenu will disappear from your showcase. 



Note: your submenu still exists, it is just unlinked.


Adding an unlinked slide to a hotspot:

If you'd like to put it back just select 'existing slide' in the right hand content menu. 

Select the slide you want from the pop up box of thumbnails.   

The small eye next to the slide number and letter combination shows that the slide is not currently used anywhere (i.e you can't see it! ;) )