Admin and Editor users can unpublish presentations at any time to make changes.

When you unpublish a presentation, Viewer users will no longer be able to see it in the Showcase Workshop app. Admins and Editors will still be able to edit it, however.

You can republish your presentation at any time.

If you want to fully, entirely, permanently get rid of your presentation instead, you can also delete it

To unpublish a presentation:

  1. Open the web app and navigate to the presentation you want to unpublish.

  2. Click 'More' and select ‘Unpublish’ from the drop-down menu.

    Alternatively, you can find this option by opening the presentation in the Editor and selecting 'More'.

  3. You'll get a pop-up box asking you to confirm you want to unpublish the presentation. Click the orange 'Unpublish' button to get rid of that baby!