Publishing a showcase | Showcase Workshop

Publishing a showcase

To view your showcases on your devices, you must make sure to publish your showcase and any changes you make.

If you have not published your showcase, it will not show up for authorized users to download on their device.

Showcases can have three publish status types:

Published: The showcase is published and available to download.

Publish Changes: The showcase has changes pending publishing. Users cannot download these changes until they have been published.

Unpublished: You have created a showcase, and your progress is saved, but it is not viewable by any users. Unpublishing a previously published showcase will revoke the access of current users.

The published status of a showcase can be updated via two methods:

1. Publishing from the editor

The publish status of a showcase is always displayed above the tool panel, on the right hand side of the showcase preview.

To publish your showcase when you have finished editing, click the “Publish Changes” link above the tool panel on the right.

2. Publishing from the listing screen

The Home tab listing screen will explicitly state if there are changes available to be published.

To publish your changes here, click the “Publish” link associated with the showcase.

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