Let's get started!

1. To create a brand new showcase, click the “New blank showcase” button in the showcase listing area under the ‘Home’ tab. You can also select "New showcase from template" if you'd like to use one of our preset templates.  


2. Choose the orientation (landscape or portrait) and the ratio for this showcase from the menu that pops up. The automatically selected options are preset to fit 2048 x 1536px.

This should work great for all iPads, and many other tablets in a similar ratio; if you know your showcase will mostly be used on a wider screen, you may like to pick the 16:9 ratio instead. 

3. Click "Make It!" This will start creating an empty showcase on the bottom of your showcase list called "New Showcase". Once it generates, you'll be able to click the "Edit" button and get things rolling!


If you pick a certain ratio, and then view your showcase on a device with a different ratio, it'll still work! It's just that  appearance may differ slightly across devices. For more about ratios, check out our article on Ratios & Orientation