Uploading files from 3rd parties | Showcase Workshop

Uploading files from 3rd parties

Showcase Workshop allows you to connect to and leverage existing cloud storage services to gather your files and collateral.

Showcase supports connections with Box.net, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

To upload files from accounts hosted with the above services:

  1. On the ‘Files’ tab, click “Upload files” in the left side bar.
    You will be presented with the File Picker window.
  2. Choose your desired service from the panel on the left of the File Picker window.
    If you have not previously used this service with Showcase Workshop, you will need to follow a one-time connection & authentication process to grant access to your 3rd party storage provider.
  3. Select your desired file(s) for upload. Once the upload progress in complete, your file will be loaded in your library.