Adobe has this awesomely useful app called Adobe Fill & Sign, which you can download absolutely free for iOS & Android. By lucky coincidence, we have a feature in our iOS app that allows you to open shared files in other apps on iPad and Android.

With these powers combined, there’s now a great solution for filling in your PDF forms on your tablet, straight from Showcase. 

Here’s how you do it.

First of all, make sure Adobe Fill & Sign is installed on your iPad or Android.

Throw your Sales Agreement PDF - or whatever PDF it is that you want signed - into a showcase, and make sure that showcase has In-place sharing turned on.

On the tablet itself, open Showcase and navigate to your chosen PDF. When you pop open the tray and go to ‘Share’, you’ll be given the option to ‘Open with’. Tap this and choose “Copy to Adobe Fill & Sign” from the list.

Here’s an example - the PDF is the first link in WidgetCo’s list of documents:

Once you’ve selected “Copy to Adobe Fill & Sign”, the Fill & Sign app will open separately. Tap anywhere to insert some text. You can reposition the text and choose from a couple of sizes. Here’s what it looks like when you enter a date:


You can also long-press anywhere on the screen to insert a check mark, cross, bullet point or circle at that exact spot on the PDF. For example, if the form has pre-existing boxes, you can check them like so:


Finally, here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for - adding a signature. Tapping the cute little fountain pen icon down the bottom will prompt a dialog where you can “Create Signature” or “Create Initials”. Get your prospect to do their best finger-painting of their signature right on the tablet screen, and BOOM! You can place that anywhere you need. Fancy. 

Here’s what that looks like in action:


How cool is that!? Once done, you can use the sharing option bottom right to send the signed PDF via email - or hit Done and it’s saved to the Fill & Sign library. You can switch back to the Showcase app by dragging 5 fingers across the iPad screen from the left, or by using an application switcher on Android.

8If you need any helping hands to get this kind of process up and running with your showcases, let us know at We'd love to help!