Are you having this issue? Let's sort it! There are a couple of things that can prevent sound playback from videos.

First off, have a check if your Showcase App and software versions are up to date.

Once your versions are up to date:

  • Try a pair of headphones. If sound works on headphones but not without, then try the following:
    • check is the position of the physical side switch is not in the mute position
    • check the volume control of the iPad is not too low using the side buttons
    • check the behaviour of the side switch in Settings > General
    • if side switch is on Lock Rotation, check control center mute is not activated

  • Are you able to get sound from any other apps? If not, a hardware fault may be present.

If you are still having trouble, please get in touch with us via the Support tab at the bottom of any Showcase page!