Very occasionally, there can be an issue in the download process of a particular file and it doesn't fully download properly.

This could happen for a variety of reasons - patchy internet connection, some other part of the device's system crashed or restarted during download, or even just that it was taking a while and the device went to sleep while downloading. Zzz.

If this happens, you may find that particular files are not showing up in your showcase, or your showcase doesn't look quite right. 

This might look like a red "warning triangle" showing up under the showcase thumbnail, or an error message that talks about an invalid pointer. It may also look like a black screen, when you open your showcase or a hotspot leads to a black screen. 

Here are some ways to troubleshoot: 


Log out: 

Try to clear the cache, which can be done by logging out of the app and back in again.

To log out, you first go to the settings cog bottom left of the Home screen, and then from the Settings panel, tap "Log out" - which should be next to the email address of the logged-in user. When logging back in again, you have to re-download the showcases, but this will be an entirely fresh download (rather than just an update) and this should reset the cache.


Uninstall and reinstall the Showcase: 

If you have a little red triangle icon on the showcase thumbnail, or you're getting a black screen somewhere inside your showcase, you can try uninstalling the particular showcase. When you're on the home screen of your workshop, you can see all the showcases you have downloaded/are available to you. Like so: 

On a downloaded showcase, you can see on the thumbnail a small grey circle with a line in it. Tapping this brings a pop up asking if you'd like to delete this showcase. 


Deleting a showcase will place it back into your list of showcases, which you are free to download again by tapping the green cloud icon. 


Uninstalling the app: 

We just went through uninstalling a showcase, this is for uninstalling the ENTIRE app. Uninstalling the whole app will NOT delete your content, as that is tied to your account. What will happen is your available showcases will appear in your app, but you'll need to download them again (by tapping the wee green cloud). 

To uninstall the app on your device - touch and hold down on the app icon.

On Apple devices, the icon will shake and a small 'x' will appear in the corner. Tap the 'x' and it will show a pop up asking for confirmation of delete. 

Once deleted, return to the app store and download the app again. 

On an Android device - touch and hold down on the app icon. Drag the icon to the 'Uninstall' area. A pop up will show asking for confirmation of delete. 

Once deleted, return to the app store and download the app again. 

On Windows devices - From the Start screen, swipe left to display the Apps list. Alternatively from the Start screen, tap the right arrow. Touch and hold an app then tap uninstall. Tap yes


Handy tip: Make sure you have a solid Wifi/Internet connection when installing showcases, to minimise the chance of a download problem!