A showcase is a collection of slides and files, bundled up into a slick, updateable presentation that reflects your brand and is downloadable onto a suite of apps.

Showcases are created on the website, https://app.showcaseworkshop.com/ and are viewable both on that website and the Showcase Workshop app. Showcases are often associated with being a sales presentation tool, but there are so many different possible purposes!

You can use your showcase as an internal training manual, a digital brochure, an onboarding process, a portfolio, or even a combination of these. The opportunities are plentiful! 

We do recommend that you use pre-designed slides to make your showcase, but we also have handy templates available for use, or you can start from scratch with a blank showcase. 

You can add pre-existing content like whitepapers, PDFs, brochures, and manuals so you don't need to start completely from ground up.

You'll also see a bunch of references to 'Hotspots' - this is essentially the Showcase word for "tappable links to other content". There's a full explanation in our Glossary.