When you hear us talking about "a Showcase presentation", we mean a collection of slides and files, bundled into a slick, updateable presentation that reflects your brand and can be downloaded to a suite of apps.

You can create Showcase presentations on the Showcase Workshop web app and your employees or sales reps can view them online or from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Showcase presentations are often used as a sales presentation tool, but there are many different purposes!

You can use your Showcase presentation as:

  • An internal training manual
  • A digital brochure
  • An onboarding process
  • A tradeshow display
  • A portfolio
  • Any combination of these — the world is your oyster!

We recommend you use pre-designed slides for your presentation, but we do have some handy templates for you to use — or you can start from scratch with a blank presentation. 

You can add pre-existing content like whitepapers, PDFs, brochures, and manuals so you don't need to start from the ground up.

For more information about the wonderful world of Showcase, check out our Glossary.