Admin users can access and edit settings for their entire workshop from the web app. To do this, click the Settings wheel icon in the top right corner.

Then, in the pop-up box that appears, select Workshop Settings under your workshop name.


This will open the settings for your current workshop. Here's what you can do: 


Rename your workshop

You can edit the name of your workshop under Edit Workshop. Just make to sure to hit Save when you're done! Most businesses name their workshop after their company or team.


Control default access settings for your workshop in the Access section. Toggle each option on or off as desired. You can control whether: 

  • Users get a push notification on their device when you publish (or re-publish) a presentation that they've downloaded
  • Access to newly created presentations is automatically limited to Admins and Editors 
  • Users can automatically share the full presentation by default for all new presentations
  • Any documents or videos added to hotspots are automatically made shareable from that slide by default
  • Editors and Admins can import PDF or PowerPoint presentations into Showcase

Data API

The webhook field will take any basic webhook so that you can set up a basic webhook-based integration within Showcase.

This is best used with data from forms embedded into your presentation. If you need more info on webhooks, get in touch with us for a chat with our team of nerds.


Partner Workshops

Add or remove Partner Workshops to manage who has access to your content.


Hotspot URL User JWT Secret

This ultra-advanced option is something you need if you want to 'pass' information about a logged-in user through a hotspot. For example, if you'd like a user's email to be pre-populated in a web form URL.

If you want to be using this, you probably need to have a chat with our nerds first. Drop a line to for more info!


Delete Workshop

Although there's a section to delete your workshop, we ask that you email us if you want to delete your workshop. This is so we can ensure everything is squared away properly before we remove any of your content from our system.