Analytics by Showcase  | Showcase Workshop

Analytics by Showcase

If you want to see analytics for an individual showcase, click the name of the showcase from within the list of top showcases.

Alternatively, analytics for individual showcases can be accessed from the ’More’ dropdown in the editor.

When viewing the ‘Showcase Summary’, the information displayed for the specified time period includes all of the following things:

  • a summary of all the slide views, file views, and shared items for that particular showcase
  • a list of most viewed slides, with thumbnails
  • a graph-based snapshot of how many slide views are occurring per day
  • a list of most viewed files, with thumbnails
  • a list of users with the most slide views
  • a pie chart showing the breakdown of file types viewed 
  • a summary of how many items were shared & how many opened; who the files were shared by; and on what days

Can't see Analytics? This feature is only for Admin users!