Showcase Workshop provides analytics tracking of the whole workshop, as well as individual showcases and users. Analytics are only visible to Admin users.

Analytics is the default page for Admins when they go to the ‘Reporting’ tab of the website.

You can specify a time period at the top right of the page - the default is one month to the current date. 

Admins can view analytics by Workshop, by Showcase , by Group, and by User. They can also view User analytics by showcase

Also under the Reporting tab is the "Activity Log". Viewer users can see this tab, but will only see data that applies to their own account and activity - they won't see the full feed for all users in the workshop like Admins do. 


Similarly, Viewer users can see their own Sharing History under "Sharing History" (funny that). Admins will see all Sharing History for the whole workshop (i.e. all users) under this tab. We have a whole article on Sharing History if you need more info!


Finally, the last option under the Reporting tab is the "Forms" tab. If you do use any kind of forms in your showcase, the data will show up here. Again, Viewers can see data that was submitted under their own account; Admins can see the data submitted by all users in the workshop.