To look at analytics for a certain user, click their name from the ‘Top users’ area of the Workshop Summary in Analytics, or click their name from the list in the ‘Users’ tab and then click the ‘User Analytics’ link. 


When you're viewing analytics for a user, the information displayed for the specified time period includes:


  • a summary of how many slides and files they've viewed, and how many items they've shared, across all showcases in the workshop
  • a graph-based snapshot of how many slide views are occurring per day
  • a detailed record of each time they view a showcase - you can expand the "timeline" option here to see which slides and files they viewed, in which order for how long. 
  • a list of the showcases they view the most, ordered by amount of time spent viewing

Remember you can also see analytics for a specific showcase as well - here's an article with more detail
Can't see Analytics? This feature is only for Admin users, sorry!