Note: This one's for Admin users only, but Viewers and Editors can still see their own sharing history!

You can access user analytics by showcase via the user analytics page. You've got two options for viewing user analytics:

  1. In the web app, open the 'Reporting' tab and select 'Analytics' (this is the default option but it's always good to double-check).

    Under 'Top Users', click the name of the user you want data for.

  2. Alternatively, you can access user analytics via the 'Users' tab in the very top toolbar.

    Click on a user from the list to open their details and select 'User Analytics' to open their User Summary.

The 'User Summary' includes:

  • A summary of how many slides and files the user has viewed.
  • A summary of what they've shared across all showcases in the workshop.
  • A graph of how many times the user has viewed slides per day
  • A detailed record of each time they have viewed a showcase — if you click 'Timeline' you'll see which slides and files they viewed, in which order, for how long. 
  • A list of the showcases the user views most, ordered by the amount of time spent viewing.

Remember: You can change the date range you want to analyze at any time in the top right corner.

User analytics by showcase

To view analytics for a particular user and a particular presentation, select the presentation from the 'Showcases' section on the right-hand side.

This will open a new page with details about how that user has interacted with the chosen showcase and its associated files.

You can also see analytics by workshop, analytics by group, and analytics by showcase.