Changed your mind about a submenu in your presentation? We've got a way around that.

To delete a submenu:

  1. Select the hotspot that links to the submenu and click the slide title in the toolbar above your showcase.

  2. In the drop-down box, click the minus ('-') icon to unlink the submenu.

    Note: Your submenu still exists; it's just not linked to that particular hotspot.


To link your submenu to a new hotspot:

  1. Remove the original link by following the instructions above. Take note of the slide reference number so you can find it later.

  2. Now, navigate to the hotspot you want to link the submenu to and click to select it.

  3. Click 'Add Content' in the toolbar above your showcase.

  4. Select 'Existing Slide' from the drop-down box.

  5. This will open a box where you can choose which of your existing slides you want to link with this hotspot. If you've got a lot of slides, you can use the slide reference number to search your presentation (the search bar is in the top right).

  6. Once you've selected your slide, click 'Choose selected'. Voilà! Your submenu now has a brand new home. Don't forget to publish your changes so they take effect.