You can also use this process to add an extra layer to your Showcase navigation structure - that is, another submenu in between 2 existing submenus.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the hotspot that links to the 'submenu' slide that you wish to relocate. Take a note of the slide reference. In our example, it's B1.

  2. Remove the submenu from the hotspot by clicking the black arrow icon just above the hotspot, or the hotspot menu options (the arrow icon again, with the name of the slide) from along the top of the editor.  Then click "Remove", the minus icon, from this Hotspot Link panel. 

  3. Now, navigate to the page you wish to be the new location for this submenu slide.

  4. Create or select the hotspot you wish the submenu to now be linked to.

  5. Select the 'Add Content' option , and from this menu, select 'Existing slide':

  6. Now, choose the previously removed submenu that you wish to link to the hotspot, from the thumbnails in the pop up. If you remember the slide reference, you can search for it here - we would type in "B1" to have that slide in particular show up.

  7. Click 'Done'. You're done! You moved the whole thing! Nice one.