Showcases can have a HUGE amount of information in the - the variety is endless. Once a showcase has a extremely large number of slides, or a large file size, it can start to negatively affect the Showcase experience in certain contexts. 

If viewing on the tablet app, particularly on a slower device, it takes much longer to download. In fact, if the device you're viewing on has limited memory, the showcase might be too big to even download, resulting in an error. If viewing on the browser, particularly with a slow network speed, it takes much longer to render every slide. So we wanted to provide a guideline as to the 'ideal' showcase size that would save folks from getting too frustrated with the performance. (We don't want any technology rage!) 

If a showcase reaches over 500 slides OR 1GB in total, you will get a wee pop up warning. When you publish a showcase at any stage, you get this pop up: 


This tallies all your slides, and calculates the total size. If you hover over the little information 'i's, you will see our guidelines. 



If you're above these limits, that's when you start to risk the long download or render times described above.

So, how do we avoid these warning pop ups? 

Ideally, you should plan at the start not to put too much "stuff" in your showcase. For example, if you have wildly separate business divisions, you could plan for separate showcases, as there are no limits on the number of showcases you can have in a single workshop!

A good note to remember, is that videos are the usual culprit in bumping up a showcase's size substantially! If you want to compress your videos to bring them down a bit, we have some documentation here on how to do that on your own. 

In addition to this, at any point through the process of building a showcase you can check "Outline" (under "More") to see how many slides and GB you are already at (so if it's looking huge halfway through building the showcase, it might be time to reconsider the structure). 

Remember as well that your slide images only ever need to be at 72ppi; higher resolution images won't look any different on Showcase, but may have a bigger filesize.